An Update For Our Chiropractic Family On COVID-19




Priestley Family Chiropractic– Just like you, we are closely monitoring new developments regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). There is no higher priority to our entire Priestley Family Chiropractic than the Health and Wellbeing of our Patients and Team. To that end, we are taking the appropriate preventative measures to address COVID-19 (Coronavirus), assuring that our protocols meet or exceed the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local Health authorities and staying current on this evolving situation.

We will work to keep Priestley Family Chiropractic open for all who want to maintain a healthy nervous and immune system. Chiropractic Services represent an essential and necessary component of the health care program of millions of patients of all ages and all walks of life in the United States and worldwide. Timely and consistent access to chiropractic care is essential to the maintenance of the health and wellbeing of this patient population, particularly during times of stress. We understand stress can affect the immune system. Taking steps to reduce your stress in a healthy way is important.

What We Are Doing Differently:

We have further enhanced our already strict cleaning procedures.

Front Desk We are constantly sanitizing our hard surface areas and chairs after every patient coming through the doors.

Check-In Area We have removed the high-touch self check-in at the front desk. Our team will check in for you! All you have to do is wait to be assigned to a table and lay down. Our trays are behind the desk and sanitized after each use.

Healing Area We have spread out the chairs in the office to maintain a social distance. There are chairs outside in the hallway as well. All chairs are sanitized after every patient. We are sanitizing all tables and hard surface areas after every patient too.

Adjustment Time Please do not self check-in. Dr. Priestley is sanitizing after every patient and we will have the table cleaned and the face paper down for you. Again, all you have to do is lay down and be ready for your immune-boosting adjustment. We have also spread out our patients through the day.

Kids Corner We have removed all toys in our Kids Corner. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Rehab Area We have removed the blankets and closed the icing station to minimize the time spent in the office. We are offering ice packs for patient to ice at home. We also removed the cups and tea by the water cooler.

Back Office We are, again, sanitizing all areas after contact with patients. We are very vigilant as the health and safety of our patients are our number one priority.

Hand sanitizers are located throughout the office and are refilled and checked regularly. These policies have always been in place at Priestley Family Chiropractic and provide our Patients peace of mind every day.

How to Protect Yourself:

Wash Your Hands You’ve likely heard this a million times but get ready to make it 1,000,001 — you must wash your hands frequently. Simple hand-washing with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds is your first line of defense from germs and is key to protecting yourself.

Eat Right A healthy immune system starts in your gut. A balanced diet full of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats will keep the good bacteria in your gut happy. This microbiome is one of your body’s first lines of defense when it’s exposed to germs, so keep them healthy and you will keep yourself healthy too.It’s a good idea to cut down on added sugars because they can throw off the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. Make sure you stay well hydrated, too. It certainly doesn’t hurt to increase your intake of Vitamin C, either as a food source or supplement, or Vitamin D, which you can get from a few minutes in the sun, fortified foods, or as a supplement.

Sleep Well It may be difficult to get a good night’s rest when you’re worried about pandemics, but if you’re not getting a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep each night, then you’re doing your body (and immune system) a serious disservice. When you sleep, your body uses the time to rest and rejuvenate. Sleep is integral to your overall health and wellness, so make sure you’re getting enough of it.If you find that you have trouble sleeping, then check your sleep environment. The room should be cool, dark, and quiet. Also take a look at your nighttime routine, making sure that all electronics are turned off at least one hour before bed and you’re doing what you can to relax in that time to prepare your body for sleep. Scrolling through social media and reading about recent outbreaks probably isn’t going to help you get the sleep you need, so turn it off and tune it out.

See the Chiropractor Chiropractic care focuses on the function of the central nervous system, which just so happens to regulate every single function in your body — including your immune system. Regular chiropractic adjustments focus on the removal of spinal joint dysfunctions that can impact how your central nervous system communicates with the rest of your body. When your body is able to communicate freely and efficiently, then every system can work optimally to help you stay healthy.

You cannot control the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – or the flu or common cold either! What you can control are the things you do to support your own health. There’s no new way to outsmart a virus, all you can do is go back to the basics to help you stay healthy. Thank you for your patience and trust in Priestley Family Chiropractic. We are committed to navigating through these difficult circumstances with your health and safety at the forefront of everything we do. Thank you for being part of our Family, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Kevin F. Priestley, D.C.
Chief Executive Officer
Priestley Family Chiropractic

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