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Meet Our Doctors

The chiropractic team at Priestley Family Chiropractic is here to help you improve your health and wellness. We’re ready to warmly welcome you and determine how best to help you. Learn a little more about our health experts!

Dr. Kevin Priestley

Newport Beach Chiropractor Dr.Kevin Priestley

Dr.Kevin Priestley

A Family Tradition of Helping Others

My entire family is involved with helping people.

As a teenager, Dr. Priestley spent his summers working as a lifeguard on Long Island. His father worked for the New York City police department for 45 years, and his younger sister is also a police officer. The other two sisters in his family and his mother are registered nurses. Dr. Priestley realized early on that he wanted to help people, and decided to major in premed.

Everything changed when a friend invited him to a lecture presented by a chiropractor. The information given was so simple but made perfect sense to Dr. Priestley. ‘’How can someone get healthy by taking drugs? The idea that you could restore people’s health without medicine by adjusting their spine was a revelation to me.” It was that evening he decided to become a chiropractor, and he continues to be thankful to the friend who took him to that lecture.

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Newport Beach Chiropractor Dr. Amber Werner

Dr. Amber Werner

Dr. Amber Werner

Changing Roles at Priestley Family Chiropractic

The road to Dr. Werner becoming a chiropractor started out, surprisingly, behind the front desk at our office. As a chiropractic assistant working for Dr. Priestley, she was amazed at the many patients who achieved better health through natural health care, free from drugs or surgery. She fell in love with chiropractic immediately and worked her way up to the position of office manager.

Seeing a Remarkable Change

It was when Dr. Werner’s sister Mariah came in as a patient that her career path changed. At age 5, Mariah had sports-induced asthma and had to rely on an inhaler at every soccer game. Dr. Werner had also experienced asthma, and it broke her heart to watch her sister struggling. Their mom brought Mariah in for a checkup with Dr. Priestley. Within a few short weeks, the asthma was cleared up. Dr. Priestley located the misalignment in Mariah’s spine and adjusted the area to take pressure off of the nerves, which cleared her symptoms of asthma.
Dr. Werner’s sister hasn’t needed an inhaler since!

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